Deathmatch Game Mode

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DEATHMATCH (2v2v2v2v2)


Over the past months, we’ve put our heads together on how to better our game and create a sense of pride and enhance competition among players. Hence, we’ve reworked and designed a new game mode named Deathmatch where players will fight against other combatants in the arena.


5 teams will clash in a single map. Killing enemy heroes will award points to your team.

Each round has a time limit of 8 minutes. When 8 minutes have passed, teams will be ranked from 1st to 5th based on the accumulated points.

There are no absolute instant victory or failure conditions for this mode.

Story Behind Deathmatch One Two Three

During the Dark Era, the Sun Empire that Lemo single-handedly built was invaded by Azzen'Ka, reducing it to ruins. The only survivor was the empire's young prince, Murad, who escaped from the city with his family's legendary dagger. This was Azzen'Ka's victory. Finally, he was the ruler of the eastern desert.

However, little did he know that the dagger wasn't Lemo's only legacy. In fact, buried deep beneath to Sun Empire were countless magical shards that the late king collected. These shards were embedded with the elements of Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning, giving them immense power.

When Azzen'Ka's invasion destroyed the royal palace, it also destroyed the delicate balance between these powerful shards, releasing them from underground and rendering the ruins unable to sustain any form of life. Much to his dismay, Azzen'Ka had to abandon the ruins. Even his powers were no match for the elements.

Decades passed and the elements that leaked out turned the once barren land into a place of peace, giving birth to varied elemental creatures. However, this is not to say that the ruins are safe to traverse. Many explorers have attempted to enter the ruins and have yet to return.

After much research, the wizard, Dirac, discovered that entering the ruins with an elemental shield would negate many of the dangerous magics that befell many of the ruins' previous visitors. Fortunately, the area is already rich with magical shards. With a simple magical spell, one can call upon the power of the shards to shield oneself.

The shields, however, are no guarantee for one's safety. Summoning an elemental shield protects one from only one element! This still means that elementals of another element will begin attacking the user! This is the nature of the elements. Five forces of nature locked in eternal conflict!




Nakroth Skin Trial Lauriel Skin Trial Mina Skin Trial
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